We have all had moments when we have experienced the feeling of exclusion. Imagine living with that feeling whilst dealing with life threatening conditions, learning and physical difficulties. Or imagine that because of the conditions you deal with you are excluded. People with a learning disability are often excluded from the workplace and often feel undervalued.

By providing a platform to showcase skills, by practising inclusion and acceptance, ARTHOUSE Meath challenges prejudices that people living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical disabilities often experience.

People who require 24 hour care living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical disabilities of course still have the same need for purpose, respect and acceptance in working life. Within a safe, caring environment ARTHOUSE Meath believes opportunities can be created for all.

As we grow we hope to offer more opportunity to people in other communities. Whilst we strive to change perceptions, create better acceptance and inclusion through creating and selling high quality design product and artworks across the country, we struggle to be fully sustainable.

In order to offer the high standard of care to 60 clients within the art sessions and selling in the shop, there is always a senior carer and art instructor on hand. To make the business sustainable we always need additional monies above current sales. Whilst 100% of sales revenue goes into the project for development, money from sales doesn’t cover the cost of people we help.

All donations will go towards growing the project; towards sustainability; towards the ambition of having the artists work seen and their abilities recognised. ARTHOUSE Meath aims to celebrate the ability in disability, change perceptions and challenge prejudice. We hope by showcasing and by being seen, attitudes will change and there will be a better sense of acceptance and inclusion. ARTHOUSE Meath campaigns to ensure that people with any kind of disability are valued equally and included. We want everyone to have the opportunity to feel pride and purpose in daily life.