An interview with ARTHOUSE Meath founder Becky Sheraidah

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ARTHOUSE Meath Founder and Executive Director, Becky Sheraidah, is a visionary social entrepreneur, an artist, a mother and a pretty cool lady all in one. This interview with Becky reveals her inspiration, her thoughts on social equality and her hopes for the future of ARTHOUSE Meath. Where did the original idea for ARTHOUSE Meath come […]


Success for Sarah at the Salon des Refusés

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                GREAT NEWS! ARTHOUSE Meath’s very own Sarah Harbott has had her wonderful drawing ‘The Relationship’ accepted by Salon des Refusés 2014. Sarah’s pencil drawing was submitted to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, It did AMAZINGLY well and got through the first round but not the second. Instead […]


ARTHOUSE Meath’s new website has LAUNCHED!​

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ARTHOUSE Meath’s new website has LAUNCHED!​ With new photo’s of the artists, their products and their paintings the site has never looked better. It’s easier than ever to navigate around making it simple to shop for ARTHOUSE Meath cards, gifts, kitchenware, prints, cushions, baby wear, T-shirts and – for the first time ever – original […]


Pulse trade fair

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Pulse trade fair We’re currently exhibiting at Pulse, a big trade fair at Earls Court, selling ARTHOUSE Meath wares to shops and retailers both nationally and internationally. It’s been great chatting to our existing stockists and, of course, it’s always good meeting potential new ones.   We’ve been showing at Pulse and other trade fairs […]


Jungle fever


Jungle fever To create group pieces of art works in ARTHOUSE Meath we heavily rely on the skills of the professional art instructors to recognise individuals skills and talents, enabling all to be involved. Emma Hill is the Instructor who has enabled ARTHOUSE artists to create this piece as a team. Here is what Emma […]


Look at this for a start to a New Year!!


Look at this for a start to a New Year!! The beautiful image above is the latest piece by a very talented Arthouse Artist, Sarah January. Sarah speaks about Arthouse: ” I’m in on a Monday, I like painting at the Arthouse, its my favorite.  Its my birthday this Friday and I am 32!” Sarah told her Father […]


Volunteering at ARTHOUSE Meath. What’s not to love?


Volunteering at ARTHOUSE Meath. What’s not to love? I live a pretty ordinary life. I’ve got kids and I stay at home. I do the school runs, go to toddler groups, do the cooking, washing, bath times, play-dates  etc. etc. etc.  A normal and happy but – it has to be said – a largely uneventful life. […]


Making a difference to Lyn

Making a difference to Lyn Hi My name is Linda Belcher. I prefer to be called Lyn. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, which affects your nervous system and can be very scary and make you feel very alone. But things for me changed five years ago when I was introduced to ARTHOUSE Meath. The ARTHOUSE […]